The 3rd Annual Asana Boulderama is Nov 2nd!

Groups & Events

General Introduction

Groups and events at Asana are an excellent way to participate actively in something exciting, challenging, unique, and encouragingly with others. Whether you are looking to explore a new activity for yourself, for a group of people or you are already versed in the ways of climbing, we have options for everyone.

Groups & Events:

  • General Groups
  • Schools
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Private and Customizable Events
  • Meet-Ups
  • Singles’ Night
  • Late Night Climbs
  • Adult Climbing League
  • Recreational ‘Competitions’
  • Competitive Competitions
Call the front desk or email to inquire
about group pricing based on your specific party needs and size.


Our mission is to facilitate a positive environment and atmosphere, full of challenges and excitement, in order to create personal and community growth. In this growth, we are challenged to become better people: physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially!


Asana began in Boise in 1999 as a manufacturing company producing “Everything Bouldering”. The company grew and became the market leader in custom padding systems for climbing gyms across the US. In 2013, the company evolved and incorporated the Asana Climbing Gym to truly provide all things bouldering. Now in 2016, the gym is expanding into a new facility!